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  • Duplicate Remover Free 1.0

    Duplicate Remover Free helps you to easily find and remove duplicate files. A large number of duplicate files affects the speed of your computer, copy
  • Duplicate Free Edition 2.0

    Duplicate II is the successive version of Duplicate 1.0 Free Edition which made it famous in a month of deployment around the world. Duplicate 1.0
  • Duplicate Radar Free Edition 2.68

    Duplicate Radar helps you to find duplicate files rapidly. It supports searching files with Unicode file name. The built-in powerful marker filters
  • NoClone Free - Find Duplicate Files/Emails/Downloads 2011-5.1.2a

    NoClone Free finds and removes duplicate files, similar files & emails. Recover your valuable Disk Space. NoClone uses True Byte-by-Byte Comparison
  • Free Hex Editor 3.12

    Free Hex Editor Software - Binary and Hex file editing tool for Windows with Multi-Window, Multi-Document Interface, Text Viewer, Advanced Search and
  • Free Hex Editor Neo

    View, Edit and Analyze Hexadecimal Data and Binary Files of any Size. Free Hex Editor Neo is a large files optimized freeware hex editor for everyone
  • Mp3 Editor for Free 7.7.9

    MP3 Editor for Free can edit audio files over 50 formats at lightning speed, including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, AC3, AIFF, MP2, M4A, CDA,
  • Free PDF Editor 1.3

    you can easily create and can edit your created or existed PDF documents with handy and inclusive PDF editor. It works without requiring Acrobat PDF
  • DSV PHP Free Editor 1.3.0

    DSV PHP Editor is a user-friendly program for creating, editing, analyzing PHP scripts, HTML, XML, Java Script, CSS, SQL pages. DSV PHP Editor is
  • Free Editor

    Free Editor is a free piece of software which will allow you to open and edit many different types of files on Windows PC's. It supports most document
  • ThunderSite Free Web Editor 2.1

    ThunderSite belongs to a new generation of high quality website editors that allow you to create professional-looking websites in record time and with
  • Free Image Editor 2.4.56

    Free Image Editor is a bitmap image-editing application that lets you retouch existing photos or create original graphics. Free Image Editor gives you
  • Music Editor Free 9.8.8

    This powerful free tool allows you edit your music files like editing text files! It allows you to: Display a waveform window of an music file and
  • Free Audio Editor 10.3.5

    Free Audio Editor is a multi-award winning audio editing software tool. The Free Audio Editor software includes a powerful MP3 editor feature that can
  • Free Photo Editor 3.32

    Photo and picture editor application is designed especially to edit your Photos, photos. Photo Editor is very fast and powerful Photo editing software
  • Free AVCHD Editor

    Create your own AVCHD structure by editing and removing extra streams or clips you do not want to use. Order your playlists, add chapters, and then
  • Pos Free Photo Editor 1.55

    You can use feature rich Pos Free Photo Editor for viewing as well as enhancing and adding frames to photos. It has user friendly interface that is
  • All Free Audio Editor 7.1.5

    All Free Audio Editor is a powerful audio editing program for artistic audio creation. It is easy to record, edit and enhance your favorite sounds. It
  • Free Audio Editor Plus

    Audio Editor Plus is free, fully-functional multi-track digital audio editing software for Windows operating system. You can use Audio Editor Plus to
  • DRM Free Music ID Tag Editor 1.0

    DRM Free Music ID Tag Editor 1.0 serves as a standard tool for editing ID tag of MP3 files without DRM restrictions. Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • SC Free Icon Editor

    SC Free Icon Editor works like a Swiss Army Knife of icon, cursor manipulation. Features find, manage icons on your system, image-editing features
  • Free Icon Editor

    Create and edit icons in either standard or custom sizes, in color depths up to 16 million colors. Standard icon sizes are 16x16, 32x32, 48x48
  • Free WMA Cutter and Editor

    A free, simple and handy WMA audio cutter and editor. A free, simple and handy WMA audio cutter and editor. Free WMA Cutter and Editor is an
  • Stamp Free ID3 Tag Editor 2.35

    MP3 Id3 Tag Editing Software. Stamp ID3 Tag Editor allows you to add or change the internal file information associated with an Mp3 or wav audio
  • Free MP3 Editor Platinum 7.2.4

    Professional and easy-to-use music editor tool meets all your needs for editing. Want to obtain beautiful MP3 music from any format of video/audio
  • Free JavaScript Editor 4.2 4.2

    Free JavaScript Editor, as its name shows is a JavaScript editor, debugger or Validator that can be useful for both novice and experts. They can use
  • Free Sound Editor

    Is an easy-to-use and Powerful Audio Editing program that allows the end-user to perform various operations with audio data such as displaying a
  • Free MP3 Cutter and Editor

    This Free MP3 Cutter and editor is an extremely simple and handy tool for routine mp3 editing tasks. The program displays a Waveform graph that lets
  • Free JavaScript Editor 4.7

    Free JavaScript Editor is Ajax - JavaScript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals. AJAX developers can easily use Free
  • 3DPageFlip Free PDF Editor 1.0

    3DPageFlip Free PDF Editor lets you open, edit, and save PDF files. You can change text, fonts, images, and more. And, unlike other PDF editors, it
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  • Delete Duplicate Files Now 6.39

    Delete duplicate Files - find, Remove and Delete duplicate files, delete duplicate music and delete duplicate photos. Automatic duplicate removing software will delete duplicate files, delete duplicate music and photos.
  • Find Duplicate Folder 4.61

    Find duplicate Folder - now became easier than whenever! Download, set up and it will find duplicate folder you need. Are you an engineer? Find duplicate folder containing your working materials. Are you a housewife?
  • Teklora Duplicate MP3 Remover 6.89

    Teklora duplicate mp3 Remover 6.89 provides a powerful tool for all users. duplicate mp3 Remover - is a software to Remove duplicate mp3 files. Automatically remove duplicate mp3, remove duplicate mp3 files and remove
  • Teklora Duplicate Picture Remover 9.31

    Teklora duplicate Picture Remover 9.31 offers a tool which lets you eradicate duplicate Pictures. Find duplicate pictures, delete duplicate picture files and remove duplicate pictures with automatic duplicate picture
  • DuplicateCure 1.0

    duplicateCure is a faster way for you to completely search and remove any unwanted duplicate files that Windows can't find and remove. With duplicateCure, you can thoroughly wipe out any detected duplicate files on your
  • Duplicate Remover (Duplicate File Remover) 3.86

    duplicate Remover - easily Remove duplicate Files, find duplicate files and delete duplicate files. Clear up to 60% more free space with duplicate remover. Automatic duplicate remover - is a duplicate file remover that
  • Find Duplicate Files Pro 9.63

    Find duplicate Files - automatically download the find duplicate files utility! How does it work? It can find duplicate files in any folder on your PC, smoothly find duplicate files in your music list, and exactly find
  • Remove Duplicate Files Now 7.93

    Remove duplicate Files, automatically remove duplicate music and photos? Automatic duplicate remover will remove duplicate songs, remove duplicate music, remove duplicate photos, remove duplicate videos and remove
  • Remove Duplicate Files Instantly 8.61

    Remove duplicate Files - easier as never. Remove duplicate files, safely remove duplicate files in music and photo collections, automatically remove duplicate files in folders and archives, find and remove duplicate
  • Best way to Remove Duplicate Files 8.31

    Remove duplicate Files - What is the Best way to Remove duplicate Files? Remove duplicate files - easily with automatic duplicate file remover. duplicate file remover software will remove duplicate files, automatically
  • Remove Duplicate Folders 9.63

    Remove duplicate Folders - download extra best application to remove duplicate folders from your computer forever. Remove duplicate folders of any size, safely remove duplicate folders on hard drives, smoothly find and
  • Remove Duplicate 4.87

    Remove duplicate - How to remove duplicate? Remove duplicate files - easily with automatic duplicate remover. This award-winning duplicate remover is designed to remove duplicate files, remove duplicate music and remove
  • Clean Duplicate Files 6.14

    Clean duplicate Files - How to clean duplicate files? Find duplicate files, delete and remove duplicate files - easily with the Software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corporation.Key features: ~ Find, delete and remove
  • Remove Duplicate Files Platinum 6.97

    Remove duplicate Files - easily with automatic duplicate remover. User-friendly duplicate file remover will remove duplicate files, remove duplicate music and remove duplicate photos. Automatic duplicate file remover
  • Remove Duplicate Songs Platinum 8.31

    Remove duplicate Songs - all you need is to get the utility designed to remove duplicate songs. You can download the remove duplicate songs tool from the Internet. The duplicate song remover is the best way to remove
  • Teklora Duplicate Photo Remover 7.94

    Teklora duplicate Photo Remover 7.94 provides a powerful tool for all users. duplicate Photo Remover software - is the Best way to Remove duplicate Photos. This automatic duplicate photo remover program, duplicate photo
  • Remove Duplicate Files Pro 8.39

    Remove duplicate Files - remove duplicate Files, remove duplicate Music and remove duplicate Photos in one click. Automatically find, delete and remove duplicate files of any type: find and remove duplicate music,
  • Duplicate File Remover Platinum 3.74

    duplicate File Remover - remove duplicate files with automatic duplicate file remover. This software is duplicate file remover that will remove duplicate files, duplicate file remover that will remove duplicate music
  • Best Duplicate File Finder 8.57

    Best duplicate File Finder - is the Windows software to Find duplicate Finder. Just start the best duplicate finder program to get duplicate files found. Automatically find duplicate files, delete duplicate files and
  • Delete Duplicate Music 4.91

    Delete duplicate Music: How to Delete duplicate music? Want to Delete duplicate music files? Delete duplicate music - easily with duplicate Music Remover. Delete duplicate music and delete duplicate music files, delete
  • Remove Duplicate Music Pro 7.94

    Remove duplicate Music - What is the best way to Remove duplicate music? How to Remove duplicate music - easily? Remove duplicate music - in one click with automatic duplicate Music Remover. Remove duplicate music,
  • Find and Remove Duplicate Files 4.71

    Find and Remove duplicate files - easily? Then you need automatic duplicate file remover that will automatically find duplicate files, delete duplicate files and remove duplicate files. Get up to 60% more free space - in
  • Find Duplicate Photos 7.96

    Find duplicate Photos: How to Find duplicate photos? What is the Best way to Find duplicate photos? Find duplicate photos - easily with automatic duplicate photo finder. Find duplicate photos and remove duplicate photos,
  • Remove Duplicate Song 9.65

    Remove duplicate Song - what should I do to remove duplicate song with the easiest way? Where can I get the program to find and remove duplicate song on PC? How to automatically remove duplicate song? The hi-end utility
  • Find Duplicate MP3 Pro 3.61

    Find duplicate mp3 - How to find duplicate mp3 music? What is the best way to find duplicate mp3 files? Find duplicate mp3 on computer with the best duplicate mp3 finding software.Automatically find duplicate mp3 tracks
  • Best Duplicate Photo Finder 8.94

    Best duplicate Photo Finder - is automatic software to Find duplicate Photos. You may find duplicate photos on your computer with the best duplicate photo finder. This duplicate photo finder is the best way to find
  • Remove Duplicate File Platinum 7.19

    Remove duplicate File - with our specific software, created by our best programmers to remove duplicate file automatically on your PC. Now all you need is to run the tool to remove duplicate file everywhere in one button
  • Remove Duplicate Photo 6.83

    duplicate photo remover is a fabulous, most efficient and high speed duplicate photo remover that enables you to remove duplicate photo automatically. It is the easiest way to remove duplicate photo in any location and
  • Identify Duplicate Files 6.18

    Identify duplicate Files - How? How to identify duplicate files? Find duplicate files - easily with the software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) corporation. This program can find duplicate files, delete file duplicates and
  • Remove Duplicate Folder 3.86

    Remove duplicate Folder - what can be easier? People ask: how to remove duplicate folder on my computer? What is the best and the fastest way to remove duplicate folder? Where to get the program that can find, sort and